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Dream Experiment XIX

November 28, 2011

?:?? am: The orchard is a lovely orchard, its trees deep green, their limbs heavy with fruit. Though narrow, the orchard extends for some distance lengthwise, extending for miles until it reaches the base of a steep, wooded slope, which issues from the ground at an alarming angle. The near-vertical pines of this, the end of the orchard, harbor an unknown presence that is, nevertheless, felt, experienced. A music escapes the pine boughs like the scraping of a chair-leg on the floor, and you, the dreaming subject, draw on some other resource, some other faculty than those of the intellect to fend off this unknown, and therefore menacing, presence. A resource that would normally be qualified as magical or spiritual, one that is wielded rather than thought, with which one does rather than thinks. The unknown of the pines is met with some unknown within you, the dreaming subject.

4:41 am: If the orchard might be understood as the represented content of the dream and that beneath the pines as its unrepresented content, does the wooded slope capture or relate a boundary of the dream? What is beyond it? What is beneath the limbs of the pines? If the pines, as the representation of this boundary, allow you to indirectly view the unrepresented content, a sort of modified absence, something so alien to the dreaming mind that it has to be so presented under the skin of the represented, what do they hide, what do they manifest? Nothing. Unreason. An unreason that thus prompts the unreason in you to respond in kind, through a sort of magic or spirit, a theoretical nothing – a resonance of the unreason glimpsed through the swaying needles above the orchard.

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