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Dream Experiment XXXVII

March 30, 2012

?:?? am: The bowsprit and the hole through it turn beneath the feet as the ship flips over on itself, presumably drowning its passengers. Undeterred, jumps into the water of the harbor and leaves the sinking ship behind, legs kicking, swimming from one small craft to the next, treading water where necessary, latching onto a prow or a rim or a spar with one hand where possible, the other clamped about the bag on the back. Reaches land and eyes turn to find that the leather bag now bears an intricate pattern of salt stains, its brown leather flaking in places, and soft curses escape the lips.

6:35 am: A worry that has often cropped up in the course of a day, the fear that the bag might get wet and its brown leather lose its even tone. Wild dreamers dream petty, inconsequential dreams, as well, it would seem.

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