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Dream Theorem 4

July 10, 2012

That the dreaming mind contains within it an infinite library, an endless combination of cultural matter. The matters that take shape therein need not have any direct correspondence without. The books of Experiment XLIII need have no real-life counterparts; their content was spontaneously produced by the dreaming mind. Indeed, it seems plausible that, were they to be found again in-dream and opened, these books would contain a wealth of information not of the waking world, a revelation from cover to cover. Yet it is not only the promise of real though not actual connections between otherwise unconnected entities that characterizes the library in-dream and out. The structure itself is of vital importance: the library-complex itself. The unconscious choice of the library or the archives is far from an accidental one. If the dream, by choice or necessity, takes on a container-shape, albeit one for which the original purpose has been subverted in favor of some unknown function (as per Theorem 3), the particular form of this container-shape says something about the character of the dream and the unconscious. Traditionally, the library and the archives are places of learning, places of the mind, the fetishized life of the mind. What significance then is there to be found in the dream’s primary form of library-archive? While the waking library is that of the conscious, the rational pursuit, the dreaming library is that of the unconscious, the irrational pursuit. Accordinly, the dream-library is no longer the site of the life of the mind but of the death of the subject: no longer that place where the waking mind operates in autonomy but its antithesis. The dream-library is where the mind seeks to extinguish itself, to find not answers but an end or perhaps answers that are its end. It is of the utmost importance to recall the extent to which the dreaming mind feels that there is something of its essence in the stacks, something that preexists the subjective formation. And so, in the half-light of the library’s halls, the brilliant subject dims in its attempts to return to the ruins from which it was birthed, ruins of books, ruins of words.

As per Experiments IV, XLI, and XLIII.

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