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Dream Experiment LXXXIII

June 14, 2013

?:?? am: The school corridors shifting and bending back on themselves, the floors displacing themselves from one height to another, so as best to disfigure this place, at once familiar and unknown, populated as it is by the faces and persons of former classmates, themselves still the students but the dreamer become the teacher.

6:44 am: This unseemly familiarity of the dreamscape might owe to its having previously been recorded or remarked on the occasion of some prior dream; smaller details of the same dream would naturally have escaped the dream and then been forgotten. Conversely, this familiarity might derive from a familiarity produced by the dream itself as the dreamscape occasionally shows itself capable of simulating the phenomenon of recognition, observation and awareness normally reserved to the lucid dreamer in-dream. The question is then: in these dreams that seem at once strange and familiar, for which does this quality owe to having been recorded of a prior dream and for which does it instead follow from the productions of the dream-logic itself?

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