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Dream Experiment LXXXIV

June 28, 2013

?:?? am: Storefronts and public parks tinged a sultry red-pink, the figures behind large display windows writhing in time to some pulsing music, the willowy animal and human forms in the streets beckoning and leading the eye ever on, much like the vegetal and mineral life framing the city, boles with knots and curves and leafy drapes, this seductive quality coming to a point and condensing in an advertisement for a menagerie coming to this place in some weeks, the sheen of the glass pane clinging to the shapeliness therein.

8:12 am: This dreamscape is not like that with which the dreamer usually comes into contact. In it, all is hypersexualized and lent an appealing, engrossing aspect as forgotten memories and vague desires take on physical form to confront the onlooker with the mechanisms of an economy that otherwise passes unnoticed. Insofar as anything capable of being sexualized is here sexualized, this dream defies that order to which Freud sought to submit the dream, for the sexual is no longer latent and to be detected through subtle, linguistic and symbolic substitutions. It is quite the contrary in that the sexual bubbles up and closes over the heads of the dreamfigures, only to withdraw and leave behind, as though melted down and recast, a landscape where all repulses and draws in, brings on desire, disgust and uncomprehending familiarity.

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