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Dream Experiment LXXXV

July 2, 2013

?:?? am: Pineapple and other fruits floating by on the brown river twenty or thirty or forty meters below, shots ringing out, the long barrel taking aim from the windowed store chamber built into the embankment, a chamber cut from the stone beneath the Luxembourgish rails, a remnant of the city’s fortified days now littered with sundry materials and refuse.

8:01 am: This chamber marks an important addition to the apparent architecture of the dream, particularly in those dreams where the architecture takes on the aspect of a rail. For rails by nature lead somewhere, and it would not be without some sensibility to demand whether these themselves do not lead somewhere or meet up with rails encountered in still another dream, e.g. a dream of a not-so-distant not-Strasbourg. In such a way, one might suppose that all dreams are interconnected via an interdream system of rails. Additionally, one might be led to wonder whether the dream-architecture is at its root that of a railway or whether this form is itself imposed at some later stage. This question is, however, fallacious, for it cannot be asked what the dream is in itself. The dream is as it appears or is mere appearance; the dream is as it is constituted or is mere constitution. Dreams are not; dreams cannot be.

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