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Dream Experiment LXXXVI

July 5, 2013

?:?? am: Your one-time apartment, but not the apartment that you shared, more modern and cleaner and larger with additional greenery and rooms and the glass balcony, a presence much loathed now absent, with former denizens bursting in unannounced on weekends deemed propitious for a visit, the current residents thought unlikely to be home, the beginnings of awkward explanation.

9:32 am: The architecture of the dreaming mind is ever-growing and expanding with experience. Even if the dreaming mind is aware that the place is not quite the same, it remains that the place is recognizable for what it was out-of-dream. Indeed, as more places and structures are experienced out-of-dream, so does the in-dream repertoire of the dream-logic expand in kind, acquiring new set-pieces with which to work and on which to work its processes of distortion. It is thus in view of some spurious causality between the dreamed and the real that the dream’s grammar comes by new materials. The contents of such a causality remain to be explored.

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