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Dream Experiment LXXXVII

July 6, 2013

?:?? am: The women departed for an art museum under the cover of night, to wander there and inspect the composition and ordering of works with an eye other than that of daylight, their daylight eyes, cold arms and fear of chill and the subsequent return to the apartment of the departure to find something warmer, to no avail, lost forever amongst the things and ties of daily life and the life lived in daylight.

10:14 am: The reasoning that holds out in the dream is different from that of waking life; this goes without saying. Yet how precisely is this reasoning to be characterized? It has previously been noted that such a reasoning resembles intuition, divine or otherwise, or a quasi common sense that imposes itself in dreams but not elsewhere. Indeed, this reasoning might best be described as a non-reasoning, as that which is devoid of discursive, step-by-step reasoning. In-dream, the dreamer simply knows what is to be done in such and such a case, does what is to be done in such and such a case. It is perhaps for this reason that the above dream with its seeming lack of rationality takes place at night where the dream-reasoning can impose itself more firmly against discursive or “daylight” reasoning, as characterized in-dream. Only for this dream-reasoning would a midnight museum trip being cut short by chill make “sense”.

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