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Dream Experiment LXXXVIII

July 12, 2013

?:?? am: On holiday, parading about in a beachside town, the shifting weather and oncoming storm, hurricane-force winds leading to the search for shelter, cowering in the remains of a house with forgetfulness setting in and the storm washing over. Waking to the inside of a cage, its contents and prisoners having been kidnapped, now being released one by one to populate a sterile, white interior, built to capture, as seen from the cage, the entire range of functions encountered in sight, their turn coming and the race up the backstairs to the corner library, to hold that place and become the librarians, the subsequent book requisitioning rounds to follow, collecting the lost books and seizing those currently held by the others of this society, to bring them back to the burgeoning corner library, its reading isolated from the rest by stairs climbing from the promenade running the full length of this white, square, underground chamber, this white, square, underground society.

5:52 am: Beyond the dream’s terrifying quality, which cannot be fully captured here, this dream is noticeable not for the way in which it depicts the dream logic but tackles in its own way a fundamental question in political philosophy: what is the origin of society and how do societies form? It does so in a remarkable way, for the dream logic itself considers this question in attempting to give an answer consistent with its own methods and workings. Here, society and its functions are already given, the various life paths already carved out from an underground interior, be it by god or human, and the reluctant are plucked from that reluctance to come hold the various positions that have already been determined for them. There is a certain violence surrounding society’s beginnings, yet this violence is an intelligent one that has foreseen all, an answer different in this respect from that which political philosophy might have otherwise given. Once again, the dream logic invokes an organization far exceeding the capacities of the dream-subject’s comprehension.

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