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Dream Experiment XC

July 18, 2013

?:?? am: The unsettling house with winding passages and aborted stairs, seen as they are from a closet but being blocked off, and the difficulties of finding one’s bearings or the upper levels due to an ever-shifting layout, perhaps four floors in sum or only three, all of it giving way before the shotgun and the father and the children and tears. The meeting with the father, weighed down with motorcycle, black gear, the gun, the pink decorations and the duck-shaped saddlebags and children’s toys.

10:12 am: This dream could be classified following an intersection of distinct lines of dream-logic that center nonetheless on the individual. For, on one hand, houses and architecture in the dream are commonly thought to reflect the state of the individual at a given time. Accordingly, the individual here reflected would be one in a state of transition or change, unable to find his or her bearings in relation to the values and priorities priorly held. In short, this would be a conflicted individual unable to make sense of him or herself.  On the other, the second line, centering on the figure of the father, shows to what extent individuals are composition figures, comprised as they are of myriad influences, behaviors, values, actions and beliefs. It is this variegated quality that comes out in the heavy tones of adulthood and the playful hues of the father’s more youthful items. Thus, one might contend that there are distinct functions of the dream-logic that concern the same subject (here, the individual) yet operate with different means and under different conditions. In this way, a given topic of the dream-logic might very well be overdetermined or saturated by the various functions fulfilling this role (here, informing the individual of his or her composition at a given time).

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