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Dream Experiment XCI

July 25, 2013

?:?? am: At a night of shared and spoken experiences with a piece of collaborative poetry, nervousness taking hold of limbs and lips, the timeslot fast approaching. Titlecards introducing “Grève Beach”, the manuscripts and handwritten copies nowhere to be found on their persons, at the bottoms of bags or stuffed in pockets, panic setting in and the futile search for documents in inboxes and Polish fricatives on touchscreens, occasioning a remark on styles being too disparate to have cohered in a single poem, others now speaking.

9:46 am: Irreality and belief. Even upon waking, it was hard to determine whether this poem ever existed for such collaborative projects did, its title perhaps arising from such associations as translations of “grève” (strand, shore, shingle) and song (e.g. “Archer on the Beach). That said, from what little can be remembered of the dream, the poem centered on the labor movement (grève – “strike”), a subject out of keeping with usual topics of interest to the collaborators. In the end, the link between the two might simply evoke the ambiguous linguistic resources (the homonym “grève”) of which the dream-logic makes use in shaping the dream.

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