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August 4, 2013

In the lines that form and collect each morning before the doors of immigration, a striking phenomenon is to be observed. From day to day and week to week, a party system develops, composed of states, republics, city-states, corporations, lobbying interests and the isolationists, the spontaneous coming together of such party machines being the least noticeable element. The party boss sends a runner to represent the party, to vie for its interests in the line and to ensure that all unfolds as foreseen. Yet this party cannot have sedimented over the course of time, for no one finds him or herself at immigration day in, day out. This leaves only the possibility of its formation along familial or personal lines, the faintest outlines of a party already being present, which then come to crystallize upon its introduction into the proper environment. Yet even this does not always seem the case. One can only think that the development must be even more marked in larger cities, the corruption of these ephemeral parties even deeper. It will only ever be different should the isolationists defy their own nature, that outline and band together against the various machines.

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