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Dream Experiment XCIV

August 8, 2013

?:?? am: The attempt to integrate into seeming royalty. The procedures and wordings to memorize, not “reverse the chastity” but “chastise the reverse”, drawing snarky remarks from a companion, “That’s not it”. Walking into a royal gathering to hear someone in the background speak of the “jeans” fellow. Discussion and presentation of macarons “normaux” and macarons “crémeux”, the outer shell so thin as to tear at the slightest pressure from the fingers, the precious cream then spilling out through the rent skin. The crémeux and its expense.

10:05 am: Again, you are confronted with a dream permitting a straightforward interpretation. Your attempt to integrate in France (hence the macaron) as an English-speaker (hence the royalty) and the resistance that you sometimes encounter (hence the remarks). Its oddity lies in that you do not completely coincide with any of the in-dream perspectives, being strung out between the person rejected and the one making comments. From that one might conclude in a very different manner than before that the dream is fundamentally without a substantive subject.

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