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Dream Experiment XCIX

September 21, 2013

?:?? am: Shoeless, trying to recreate in northeastern subways the booming of soles on concrete in their Polish counterparts, failing and mounting the narrow stairs again to reach the surface and wander the length of an increasingly desolate residential street, at the end, white Victorian mansions lying forgotten and boarded up.

10:16 am: In positing two distinct places and existences, that of the bare Eastern concrete and the ornate, painted northeastern wood, the dream again exercises its condensing function in joining these through a nameless subway, at once one possible link between them. Furthermore, the subway is itself a place of passage selected by the dream-logic as the best embodiment of the transition taking place in the dream between these two distinct geographic locales and existences. Yet the dream fails at this attempt to join the two, the reproduction of this particular sound failing, and so the transition is incomplete, leading to the desolation of a most un-desolate place. In the end, the dream-logic’s failure to effect this transition is visible to the dream-subject in the empty houses staring back.

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