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Fr. 407

October 5, 2013

You felt a former fascination with the simple, one-move takedown of various philosophical systems and the labor implied therein. The study of philosophy thus became for a time your own search for a means of escaping the “trap” of philosophical systems so carefully laid for you by the minds behind those systems. In short, you sought ever the way out. The negativity implied by this task is of itself a feat in that it must be directed both toward oneself and toward those whom one is reading: negating one’s propensity toward belief in seeking those flaws and negating the beliefs set out by those writing them. Yet, as time goes on, your interest shifts from such cases as Jacobi’s one-step condemnation of Kant through the category of causality or the reproach often addressed to Descartes on the issue of the Cartesian circle to the active expression of sympathy with an author and the charitable extension of his or her thought. This means of breathing life into bygone thoughts is at odds with so many of the dominant trends in philosophy today.

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