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Dream Theorem 7

October 11, 2013

That the dream issues an imperative to the dream-subject, such that his or her credulity is ever a given. What accounts for the credulous nature of the dream-subject in-dream, who rarely doubts the reality of that which is (re)presented? One might wonder if this owes in some way to the dream’s own irreality: in other words why disbelieve that which one already knows to be false? Yet this places too much emphasis on the knowing quality of the dream-subject who rarely possesses this kind of knowledge. Perhaps it owes instead to the Is the subject’s beingĀ destined to doubt reality and accept irreality. This consideration suffers, however, from those same difficulties that plague the former, giving too much weight to subjective processes and considerations.

Despite these interpretative difficulties, there does seem to be a means of accounting for this imperative and the credulous dream-subject. Within the dream, there can be no question of otherness. The dream is what it is, and the in-dream consciousness of the dream-subject is so slim as to present little to no resistance to that with which it is presented. In other words, the dream-subject is incapable of distancing itself from the dream in such a way as to cast judgement on it, for it would no longer be in-dream or the dream-subject but, instead, that of waking life. Dream and dream-subject do not stand in relations of other, and, accordingly, there can be no alternatives that might shake the dreamer’s faith in that which is before him or her.

As per Experiments XIII, XXVI, LVIII, LXIV, LXXXVII and XCI.

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