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Dream Experiment CI

October 15, 2013

?:?? am: Listening for the clinking of bottle and glass and the telltale gurgling of bourbon so as to thrust a stick in the direction of the invisible drinker and dislodge him from the naked limbs of this tree, then to swing to a branch either higher or lower and begin the process anew. The move to the trunk and the roots and courtyard and into the surrounding temple complex, U-shaped, one side containing a series of obstacles, the other a ballista and pit narrow enough to be jumped, all of this meriting a “it is all a way of sidetracking and extending” from a speaker out of sight.

8:12 am: The realization that the dream presents endless sidetracking and extension comes without surprise. The dream has always been marked to a way of unfurling endlessly about itself, the transitions often involving strange though unremarked jumps in the dream-logic. The particularity of this dream is the way in which the dream calls attention to this fact, i.e. that the dreamer could dream endlessly if forever asleep. Is the speaker part of the dream’s internal economy or does it sound out from another source entirely? Is the voice transcendent or immanent to the dream? Could the dream be understood to call attention to itself in this seemingly self-conscious way? These questions stand independent of yet another at the heart of this dream: how can the dream be endless while still having a limit (as per Dream Experiment VIII)?

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