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Dream Experiment CIII

October 31, 2013

?:?? am: Standing at the crossroads of river and road, following a futile search for dried fruits, where swimmers tread water in the heated waters of the river bisecting the city, despite it being the late months of summer. Skirting the swimmers and the streaming river to make for the salty shore, newly come to this place. Salt crystals coating the inside of the mouth, eyes on the monument raised to the battle of a regatta, presumably fought from and over the fortifications to be found the other side of the shore, round towers, white and yellow, the monument itself a boat, its crystalline spire rising to a height four times the boat’s length and thus giving the air of great precarity.

8:00 am: In the dream are juxtaposed two features of note. First, the information concerning the one-time battle is not held via intuition, as is common enough in the dream, but instead from the reading of a sign at the site. If this seems at first completely opposed to earlier experiments that have highlighted the importance of intuition in-dream, it accords with certain others where the act of reading in-dream is compromised by the instability of the figures portrayed therein, all of which would seem to leave some room for intuition of some form or other. Secondly, one can see here again that by now familiar result of the translation of known places into new settings, this city from the plains being set on the shoreline and its river one in which swimmers are to be found.

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