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Dream Experiment CIV

November 12, 2013

?:?? am: The house with its properties divided by the road, on one side the spacious interiors with tasteful furniture, white walls, red trimmings and the raspberry tree of the courtyard inside, on the other the outside spaces, an elevated terrace with stone balustrade overlooking a large field and grove, under the branches of which children and horses congregate.

10:10 am: This dream brims with oddities, foremost amongst a pair of compound notions, the raspberry tree and the divided properties. Why are these to be spoken of as compound notions? For, although they are unlike any to be found in reality, they represent a combination of simple ideas to be drawn from nature: raspberry and tree, divided and property. Much as for the empiricists, for whom one could make sense of the idea “gold mountain” without ever seeing a mountain in gold or positing the existence of one somewhere, two ideas found separately in nature are here combined under the dream’s combinatory function to give rise to the uncanny, something otherwise not to be found in nature. If in both instances, it seems indeed a case of such compound notions transposed into the terms of the dream-logic, it remains that the instances are different in effect. More precisely, the impossibility that derives from their being compound notions is of a different sort in each case. In that of the raspberry tree, this is because the raspberry tree cannot exist, for it would no longer produce raspberries, technically speaking. In that of the divided property, this is because properties are simply not divided in this way. It is not that they cannot exist but rather that they do not, as per our own experience. They are certainly conceivable and, moreover, possible. Wherefore their difference in nature and the independent path that the dream-logic follows to produce its own variants on age-old philosophical themes in the mixed economy of these compound notions.

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