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Dream Experiment CV

November 16, 2013

?:?? am: A rectangular space, bounded by some unseeable barrier, framing a gentle, wooded slope running down to the lakeside. A pair hiding in an elm tree, trying to avoid detection. The search party below checking a nearby pine. The descent and flight to an abandoned home in the corner opposite, avoiding them all the while on these silent, sinking bicycles.

7:42 am: Two tendencies from earlier dreams to be remarked here, especially for the way in which they are compounded by the present dream. First, it has already been established that the dream possesses a limit or bound of some sort, within which one remains within the dream and outside of which there is no dream. Secondly, there is here an imperative to hide, despite not fully knowing from whom or what one is to hide. These tendencies come together in the imperative to remain hidden within the bounded space, an imperative issued to the dream-subject, at once the dream’s agent and element, this imperative to become like the dream itself, hidden and uncanny.

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