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Dream Experiment CVIII

December 10, 2013

?:?? am: Sitting on high in this apartment, slightly run-down as it is, presented with the semblance of a choice as to the manner of escape, out the window and across the lichen-laden beam to the wooden balcony and building lying at its other end, that is, spanning the gap between them, or down the stairs, there to fly off with friends in some small, white, fiberglass aircraft to glide just above the waves of the nearby lake.

6:01 am: The choice presented here is mere illusion, for the dream-subject has already been determined to one or the other action in virtue of the dream’s internal economy. This illusion is created by immanence merely to placate the dreamer and what little remains of the waking mind therein, any choice here being the result of subtle, thoroughgoing determinism.

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