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Dream Experiment CIX

December 18, 2013

?:?? am: The paradox posed by Joe, the satisfaction palpable in his voice, the poor’s cycling through phases etched on the table before you: money –> no money sense –> no money –> x –> money –> … . Fury at the precision of his reasoning.

9:52 am: Barring any gross mistakes on the dreamer’s part, this dream seemingly incorporated both heavy elements of reading and reasoning in the exposition of the aforementioned diagram. Rather than making use of discursive or intuitive channels, the dream, on this take, would have invited the dreamer to engage in a certain amount of logical thought as concerns the argument put forward by the dream-logic itself. Certainly, some of the argument’s content was lost after waking, as well as a portion of the dream’s abstractions. Yet there seems to be reason here to suspect that, if not reasoning itself, the dream-logic feels pressure from the dreamer to put forward something of the sort and so engage the dreamer on his or her own ground.

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