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Dream Experiment CX

December 26, 2013

?:?? am: The train through the Washington heights stopped on the rails. The flight through a window and trekking down the rails to find the face trapped behind the glass of the other wagons. Train and rails melting away to reveal the dreamer on a raised stone embankment, a promontory looming above the city, on which the train ran years and years before.

10:03 am: This is perhaps the first remembered instance of time-lapse in dream. Although the dream’s relation to temporality has often been construed as peculiar (for instance, its isolation from the time of the outside world, the ongoing existence of the dead, etc.), never has the border between in-dream eras been so sheer and permeable as it is here. Perhaps, the dream is the best evidence yet of that principle in physics whereby layers of time and reality overlap or coexist in some sense. On a final, distant note, one might wonder at that which the dream aims. Is this of the order of knowledge? Truth? Is the dream an accessory faculty to some end, like the relationship between understanding and knowledge?

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