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Dream Experiment CXI

January 15, 2014

?:?? am: Unclear to whom the home belongs, father or friend, with its old sofa and plexiglass ceiling holding back household goods and memories. To the basement and out after the men to the palace grounds somewhere in the vicinity, there to watch the students come to visit and laugh and roughhouse. Heading in late to the restaurant on the grounds for the midday meal, mysteriously finding oneself on the wrong side of the serving area, shouting through the glass, the serving women behind transition from French to German, gesturing from one cabbage dish to another.

7:10 am: The dream-logic draws on what remains of the dreamer’s German in order to construct a derivative German, from what the dreamer can remember, what the dreamer’s brain has retained at some level and what the logic itself can abstract and combine from the rules of German morphology. The result provides a look into the language as it might have been in another world.

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