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Dream Experiment CXII

February 5, 2014

?:?? am: Out through the bottom of this warehouse to the end of the concrete docks and onto the lake, boating a way across, oars cutting at the glassy surface.  Conversations and an unforeseen meeting and the decision to return to the warehouse. Setting out through the laketown having sprung up from one moment to the next, favoring the walk along the shore to the swim across its breadth, the boat having since been lost to the unknown. The long walks up and down the glass galleries of these restaurants stretching along forever, silence and the lack of doors weighing on the walkers, now deaf.

9:58 am: As per Theorem 10, the presence of water in this dream bears singling out. The lake provides passage between the initial stages of the dream and its end as both the means of conveyance and the transition itself. The dream’s own fluidity then makes a laketown sprout up where there was no such place before, a development brought on only by the water’s forbidding passage back. Finally, beyond all considerations of water, you cannot help but think that those long glass passages where life dims serve to recall all that which you can see but which nevertheless escapes you.

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