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Dream Experiment CXIV

March 19, 2014

?:?? am: In this dark and smoky home, peeking through the drapes at the right to find a line of one-story, brick restaurants peddling standard New York fare, their windows festooned with neon and framed by powerlines. Through the cloth folds obscuring the front window, catch sight of the aunt and mother, cigarettes aglow, smoke flowing in and out.

10:06 am: This dream falls into a standard category: the improbable, incongruous or impossible combination of real-life elements. What does not exist in real life acquires a reality all its own in the dream, for the collecting and associative mechanism of the dream juxtaposes the unlikely and the lack of a discursive function or conscious subject ensures that the unseemly semblance is met with a belief befitting the semblance’s reality.

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