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Dream Experiment CXV

March 24, 2014

?:?? am: Arrival in the port of Belfast and the coming ashore, to be lost in the streets older, narrower and more winding than expected and, above it all, an enormous white stone cathedral, the upper third of which is dominated by the torso of an outsized Ecce Homo. Looping around it a number of walkways and passages and lanes, all intertwining in organic fashion and disappearing into the tunnels leading to the head, tunnels bored through the solid heights of this impossible structure.

9:42 am: The dreamscape is littered with such impossible structures built on scales, with designs and of materials otherwise inaccessible to the masterbuilder. Yet, in the dream, architecture is opened to other possibilities and attains perhaps a purer form than even as it is practiced by the best of real-world architects. The dream-logic is unimpeded by considerations of support, balance, price. It is for this precise reason that the dream-logic is architecture at a higher level and the best builders those who do not build at all. Much the same could be said of unseen, impossible cities within the dream and cityplanners.

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