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Dream Experiment CXVII

March 31, 2014

?:?? am: Stepping from the dim halls of the library into the half-light of rainy Providence, the rise into the air on improbable wings, arms in motions and body become light despite the cries of ringed naysayers on the weather, to climb into the skies above the greens, gaining sufficient height to gaze over the nearby hills pocked with buildings and forts, having passed into another land and landscape entirely. Setting sights on one of the forts at the base of the hill underfoot and back on earth to be joined by a female traveller, claiming to know the way down the gravel slope, all the while navigating the slope in reverse and bearing a child to the bottom. Fort forgotten, with the arrival at a white house, underneath the floor-tiles of which water collects and is collected by the old acquaintances. House brimming with familiar faces evoking the “Bavarian blueberry” story and, when prompted by the newer for its retelling, unable to remember neither set-up nor punchline.

7:41 am: The fluid transition from scene to scene, from purpose to purpose, implies a swift forgetting on the part of the dream-subject. which would seem to imply that, at least in such dreams, the dream-subject is not gifted with memory by the dream-logic. Is this in virtue of the dream-subject’s being naturally devoid of memory, the dream-logic’s failing to grant the dream-subject memory in this instance, or the dream-logic’s obscuring or impairing the memory naturally to be found in dream-subject? As the dream-subject is, in fact, endowed with memory in other dreams, the first is precluded, leaving the second and third possibilities. Can anything be deduced about these from the fact that the story was invented merely to unite the dream’s artifice and fabrication, a story never known to the waking subject?

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