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Dream Experiment CXIX

April 17, 2014

?:?? am: Time passing in an aging home. A group of old friends assembled there, dwelling within, to their number added eight doubles, each friend shadowed by a doppelgänger. Of which each is aware though unable to prove its derivative nature. A test established by one dweller to sift the true from the false, her essay unread by others and bearing on European history of the late 1930’s. Found within these lines, the key to distinguishing mirror and mirrored, unsmiling original and smiling double.

10:00 am: Although the dream centers on the threat posed by these doubles of dreamer and dreamed, it betrays an element of its own workings in bringing to the fore the ambiguity of these figures. For the denizens populating the dream are themselves doubles of their real-life counterparts, and the dream-logic trades in doubles and doubling. Even the dream-subject falls beneath the rule of doubling. So the dream represents one of those few human domains in which doubling proves an essential, constitutive mechanism.

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