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Dream Experiment CXX

April 22, 2014

?:?? am: Shuffling through the empty aisles of the darkened theater, waiting for the light of the projector to sputter to life. A seat and a shift and a brea, the theater seat giving way to that in a bus, bound for some unknown home in the English countryside. The panic and the wait before the English heath streaming by. Unseen end but known break.

8:48 am: This dream sequence centers on a complete break in the otherwise continuous stream of the dream representation: “complete” in the sense that it is a break of which the dream subject is consciously aware as such. In other words, it is not merely an affair of the transposition of the dream subject’s body from one environment to another (as in the case of Experiment XXII with the transition from swimming to floating) where the dream otherwise continues uninterrupted as before. Here, the dream-logic itself administers a certain shock to the dreamer as if to bring this transition to attention and awareness.

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