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Dream Experiment CXXI

April 29, 2014

?:?? am: Placing one foot before the other on this green hillside, sloped at an impossible angle and wending between trees and brush in search of the hilltop, narrowed to a verdant point with its view overlooking all of Providence. The way up and way down to the train station, having set out too late to catch the train to the sleepless city. Coming across old acquaintances in the station’s hall and searching for the ticket counter, up stairs, between cafés and down through backroom libraries, recognizing at one point a simple stair met at one point during the last visit here and a marker on the path to the counter.

9:09 am: This station exists between places within the dreamscape. In a previous dream, it stood in for a New York station; now it stands in for that of Providence. Yet the station is the same to the point of being able to distinguish and recognize these same features. Thus, it is not the station that has been altered but the dreamscape’s conception of space and place. In reality, the dream subject’s wish has been answered, for New York and Providence have been fused through this station, were he only to realize and walk in through the Westminster St. entrance and out through the 6th Avenue exit. Architecture does not alter, only geography; interiors do not alter, only exteriors.

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