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Dream Experiment CXXIII

August 11, 2014

?:?? am: The woman confronting dreamer with all inadequacies, a hateful creature motivated by pride and contempt for others, prompted to change by her and left to wander. With this, the shift to a small German city, once unfamiliar though now known, parading others through its red-tiled heights. In old alleyways, in search of someone knowledge in matters of exorcism, darkness weighing heavily upon the ego. Passing through shadowed interiors to recover demons left at daycare.

9:40 am: This dream makes evident the evolution of a problem as operated upon by the dream-logic through its diverse phases. At its root is a question of behavior which is then inflected through several discrete phases: an interpersonal conflict or problem as manifest and concrete in the form of a confrontation; the transposition of conflict into dream-subject and subsequent internalization under a different form, that of shame; the externalization of conflict in still another form, this time latent, symbolic and displaced. If these three movements comprise the basic workings of the dream-logic, the question is then whether this pattern of manifestation/internalization/externalization is equally at work in all dreams as experienced by the dreamer and dream-subject. Or are certain phases withheld from the dreamer’s glimpse into the dreamscape? If wider experience would seem to identify dreams with the third phase alone, it is not clear whether the dream-logic can be so limited. 

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