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Dream Experiment CXXIV

August 12, 2014

?:?? am: To Edelreim from Luxembourg by train. Alighting at the station and crossing the main square to reach the testing center, passing between the city hall in white stone to the left and municipal greenhouses to the right. On way back from center, treading again through the square, greenhouse again to the right, a hulking red brick library to the left. Detained by a band of hooligans before the library steps, illuminated only by soft light falling from the greenhouses’ steaming interiors. Square, white stone cathedral with bricks accents, all fading from view.

7:05 am: The dream-logic delights in a certain fictional cartography. From this, would it be possible to sketch out a cartography of dreams, that is, to assemble a dream geography? Such an endeavor would no doubt hinge on the constancy of relations between the cities and places with which the dream-logic populates the real world.


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