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Dream Experiment CXXVI

August 14, 2014

?:?? am: Treading on toes through an old wooden house of three storeys, seeking with friends a new home. Two rooms on the lower, two on the middle, one storey forgotten. Up the dusty back stair and voluble agreement. Having left for some hours and then returning, finding the house to be at once the same and different. From the outside, a uniformity of appearances. Inside, some residents remaining but joined by new. The arrival of new people, the opening of up of new spaces within the house with some six discrete living spaces on the lower storey alone. New faces peopling the middle in previously unknown rooms. A familiar face here and there through it all. Back stair no longer accessible. And the forgotten upper storey having become a series of storeys stretching ever higher. Rushing towards the roof and open air.

10:00 am: Same and different: neither dream-subject nor dream-logic seem perturbed by the possibility of contradiction, merely the dreamer. Here, the principle of non-contradiction has been at the least set aside, if not overturned, and the dream-logic pressed into service as a means of exploring this breach in the laws of the waking world. For what would be a world free of such a law?

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