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Dream Experiment CXXVIII

September 16, 2014

?:?? am: The stay in Berlonne, one-time royal residence, and its winding cobble streets and stone facades cut short by the vanishing of the companion from the room, sought at lakeside vistas and beneath the horseshoe stair, to receive a call at last before boarding the train. Returning to the room to find a map of early Paris, now lost to memory, a swollen Seine making of the city a smattering of islands and bridges, the palaces a necklace of dry land.

8:00 am: The dream provides still further confirmation of mechanisms that have already been observed here: the translation of real places into the dream, the infinitely generative sequences of which the dream seems capable, the condensation and displacement of real-life problems. Yet the hint of some other problem here makes itself felt. If the dream-logic is truly capable of infinite generation, why does it then seem to limit itself to the (re)production of real-world environs, e.g. humans, human language, buildings, cities and interiors? Undoubtedly, certain of these take on unreal dimensions, shapes and appearances, but they remain possible or, perhaps better, plausible. In what would consist a dream that had truly drawn on its infinitely generative capacities? A non-Euclidean space, the void or something else entirely beyond human imagination and belief?

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