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Fr. 592

February 3, 2015

If, as we have previously postulated, the process of giving reasons constitutes shared expression and gives rise to something like shared being or a common horizon, then it is natural to wonder what status is to be accorded to this shared being, the common horizon. In other words, what is to be made of the metaphysics of this shared being? In the sense that it is something which the interlocutors have crafted and thus given effective existence, it seems wrong to term it merely a relation. Yet it might be overreaching to term it an entity in the sense normally accorded to this term in that the common horizon has no concrete existence in itself. For this reason, it is perhaps to qualify shared being’s metaphysical status as linguistic in nature, able to secure effective existence from a hermeneutic perspective without extending claims of substantiality to language itself as in realism, Platonic or otherwise. In this way, we might secure a minimal metaphysics of shared expression and shared being.

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