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Fr. 594

February 11, 2015

Genuine reason-giving entails a giving of words. These are not simply any words but new words to the interlocutor targeted by reason-giving. If we have previously stated that reason-giving is a means to shared expression and shared expression to shared being, and if reason-giving implies word-giving, then it follows that reason-giving is likewise a vehicle to new vocabulary, new expression and new being. For expanded vocabulary is in this way expanded being, and new words stand as so many new modes of being and understanding being. If being is indeed language, new language is, naturally, new being. Consider as cases in point the phenomena of feminism, LGBTQ and the expanding practice of suicide following its classification. This is perhaps not to suggest that we invent new words for the purpose of expanding language and being. Rather, the takeaway consists in the realization that genuine reason-giving necessitates a giving of new words.

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