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Dream Experiment CXXXII

October 30, 2015

?:?? am: Making way through the commercial complex before this ancient statue, having first skirted the entire thing so as to approach from the rear and finding the way barred by a series of fences, taking in the surrounding sights of a Rome by the sea, a Tokyo much too old, a Greece where the water seemed overly blue, to come through the forward sections and losing oneself in the Japanese tea room, the fish restaurant and other partitions which add themselves to the ever growing span of rooms through which to pass before joining the statue first glimpsed.

8:08 am: Due to questions of cohesion and scale, the dream-state can take on an unstable quality. It seems that there are times when dream-logic is unsure of the dreamer’s residual reaction and therefore unclear on what stimuli to provide so as to elicit the proper response.

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