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Dream Experiment CXXXV

December 26, 2015

?:?? am: Wandering the streets of Providence for the first time in years, lost in the East side, but following an instantly familiar medieval way beneath the city gate and stopping in at a red brick church, the Christchurch Without Hollowgate, and, below the rosary and altar, the confessor awaiting the sign of the cross and the subject’s prosternation, ready to hear the reasons for coming before releasing one in the torchlit interior.

7:31 am: Several strands of the dream-logic coincide in this dream: the distortion of familiar places by others recently visited; the wholecloth fabrication of cities, landscapes or places; the extrapolation of place names from preestablished sequences of naming elements; the uncanny familiarity of the place; the dream ending in a darkened interior to no apparent end or purpose.

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