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Travelogue I21

July 27, 2016

The way back would have largely passed without remark, were it not for a mysterious millstone, one of a set scattered below the ridgeline, with nary a clue as to their origins. Speaking for myself, if not for G., I could say that I had always been taken in by the unexplained, as well as the work of imagination by which one might furnish an explanation and thereby fill in a corner of world picture left theretofore untouched by the sciences. So I set to my task and tried my best to drag my companion into the exercise with me.

Though I sighted some millstones which stood propped up at the base of the rockface, either alone or in groups, the one under consideration lay just off a stretch of the earthen track which we had earlier skipped by cutting across to the nearest stone outcropping. From the crust of white-blue lichens, I supposed that the stone had occupied this place for a number of years, albeit not so many as to have begun sinking into the ground beneath. Apart from these suppositions, the stone’s present situation provided little evidence to help the would-be explainer make sense of the unexplained phenomenon.

Casting my eyes about, I could see no buildings of any size in the immediate surroundings. If I could make a set of structures out in a valley near what I took as the southern horizon, that set had rather more an industrial look about it and would have had little use for millstones and no reason to deposit them here. Additionally, from my time above, I felt comfortable in asserting that a windmill had not stood upon the ridge. After all, we had encountered neither ruins nor groundworks. Yet the lack of explanation constrained me to reach the conclusion of just such an entity’s existence, for I was, all things told, at a loss to explain how the millstones had come to rest there. Perhaps they had simply proven too difficult to cart off with the rest of the structure, yet innocuous enough to leave lie at the outer bounds of a national park.

When solicited for his opinion, G. seemed equally puzzled, so we left the matter at that. Crossing the yellow and brown expanse separating us from car, we talked over our plans for the evening. In the end, we decided to leave the car before his home on the hill and settle in for a round or three at the public houses nearest his home.

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