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EU sortition assembly and legitimacy 8

August 11, 2017

This initial presentation affords us a better grasp on both the need for these four systemic legitimacy criteria and their interdependent realization. Should these criteria exist together between forum and macro-political sphere, they ensure the flow of deliberation between forum and sphere, sphere and forum. Should one or more be missing, that flow of claims and counterclaims between forum and sphere, sphere and forum may be interrupted. Moreover, their strong interrelation suggests a capacity for symbiosis or pathology: more criteria overall is mutually reinforcing; fewer criteria overall is mutually undermining. In any case, supposing that threshold levels of publicity, political uptake, transparency and accountability are reached, most would rightly accept the forum’s relations to the macropolitical sphere and hence its conclusions as appropriately legitimate for that level. Furthermore, the greater or lesser coincidence of personal, interpersonal, institutional and systemic legitimacy within one and the same forum would secure it a greater level of overall legitimacy, of which the factor are recapitulated in the table below.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 23.47.29

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